Tori Stowe

Tori Stowe - Lost & Found: PAPER BOAT

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  • Type: Press Print |  Fitch ID 14pt. Acid-Free Card
  • Image Size: 8.4" x 11.7"
  • Mat Size: 11" x 14"
  • Frame: Grey or White Wood  with Acrylic ( Glass on request) *

This limited edition print by Tori Stowe is called  PAPER BOAT from a series of 5 called "LOST & FOUND". The Print is set behind a white mat and comes with a backing board, packaged in cellophane, with a certificate of authentication.

The original collage was created using maps of South Africa and charcoal drawing. These artworks were created in 2016, at a time when a variety of socio-economic issues were bubbling through the morass of political rhetoric in South Africa. These simple images are so expressive of what the average citizen was feeling, as they navigate issues such as fracking in the Karoo, power outages, water shortages and the general feelings of despondency amongst a populace desperate to find a solution. The net result of these factors was the largest ever loss of skilled workers from South Africa to broaden horizons through economic emigration. 

Tori Stowe - Lost & Found: PAPER BOAT
Tori Stowe - Lost & Found: PAPER BOAT
Tori Stowe - Lost & Found: PAPER BOAT