Beba Heart THE TEAM

BEBA is the Latin nickname for Barbara; and refers to her Italian heritage. Barbie’s professional roots are to be found in the Fashion industry. She is passionate about Design, Merchandising, and Strategy. Barbie is inspired by creative people and the beautiful things they create.

Her love for Art is second only to that for her family and her dogs. After Art is food. Possibly gin, and wine…..and cheese. And all things created beautifully in life.

Barbie started an MA in Fashion, focusing on marketing and brand development for luxury goods, and got sidetracked into the Art industry in the process. The BEBA Collective is the result of that endeavour.


Brad is a strategist and information technology specialist. After working in the IT industry at a global level for more than 20 years, Brad has joined Barbara to bring the BEBA Collective to fruition and is responsible for the digital and operational side of making things happen. Brad is passionate about using digital technology strategically, to enable businesses to be agile and hyper competitive.


Mattea is a graduate of Marketing and International Business. Having been an avid member of her community while being in Calgary, before relocating to Victoria, Mattea has a unique perspective in understanding what community can do for each other when they make the conscious decision to do so.

After seeing Barbara & Brad’s love and admiration for South Africa and the Art that they have cultivated throughout their lives together, Mattea could not wait to raise people’s’ consciousness through combining her Undergraduate studies and the passion of art that Barbie and Brad have ignited in her.