Our Story began on a beach in Cape Town in 1993. There was an air of excitement in South Africa, mixed with euphoric feelings of hope and expectancy for the Rainbow Nation. I had just returned from Italy, where I had been living in Milan. Brad was my handsome next door neighbour. We met in Hout Bay, and our first real date was at a solo exhibition by Zwelethu Mthethwa. Brad gave me a blank cheque and suggested I return the following day and invest in something. I bought 3 pieces! Brad nearly had a stroke when he saw what I spent, but fortunately decided to give me the opportunity to redeem myself. Not long after we sold the first one and covered the cost of all three, with two to keep. These two pieces laid the foundation for an extensive private art collection over the past 25 years.

Over time, we have had the pleasure of travelling Africa, discovering new artists and investing in many beautiful pieces of African Art.

Then in 2013, we moved home to Grahamstown, and the removal truck was involved in an accident. The long and the short of it was that much of our beautiful furniture was damaged and only the artwork which was framed and crated made it to the final destination. The portfolio cases of art which had been lovingly collected and cataloged had disappeared somewhere along the way. It is difficult to say if they were “re-homed” before their trip from Johannesburg or if are lying in the veldt somewhere around Bloemfontein…... but wherever they are, hopefully they are found, and have made someone else’s lounge a better place to be. The insurance could never replace what was lost, and it took us a long time to get over what was lost.

In 2015 we started again. Collecting. At this time we also travelled to Canada for the first time. Brad was born in Ontario, and so we came across to see what was on the other side.

I was studying for my MA in Fashion through the London School of Business, and came across an in-depth market analysis on the business of art and the impact of digital technology and innovation. Over the next 2 years, Brad assisted me to develop a business strategy which addresses most of the issues which were identified, and the result is the BEBA Collective.

Today we have a beautiful collection of modern and contemporary artwork, and represent a Collective of African Artists in Canada and North America. We have found a new home in Victoria, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The move from South Africa has been extremely traumatic for our family. Not only leaving our family and friends behind, but leaving behind the country that we love, and into which we invested the greater part of our lives.

This feeling of loss has been eased by being able to bring a glimmer of South Africa’s rainbow with me - in the form of the visual stories that are told through Art. In representing the Artists’ whose work we love, we are able to share their messages of love and hope, a new dawn. It will be through this collective consciousness that the world will evolve into a place we want our children to inhabit.
Our Paradise Found.

Beba Heart JOURNEY