Tori Stowe



A journey into the life and times of Tori Stowe is like a serendipitous journey down the rabbit hole of life in Bathurst, South Africa. Her work is enchanting: charcoal drawings, collages using maps mixed with ink and charcoal and more recently her gorgeous illustrations. All of which beautifully epitomize her ardent love of nature, which is visible across a variety of creative mediums and themes which are continuous and central within the rush of her life.

Tori Stowe is a very involved and integral part of her community, sharing her love of art and providing opportunity for growth and entrepreneurship through her Bathurst store, Stowe & so. The way in which Tori Stowe  is able to view life and communicate that through her art is inspirational to so many people around her, and now accessible to a much broader community. The BEBA Collective has a small selection of Tori Stowe original artwork and prints, which are affordably priced and internationally accessible through the BEBA Collective in Victoria BC.


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