Tertius Van Dyk

Scarab Moon

Scarab Moon

  • Image size: 51.2" x 35.14"

A feast of lies to feed a nation,
TV screens for entertainment.
A rapturous applause rips through the skies,
Jubilant Houston as Russian spies.

Footprints. The crackling voice filtering to Earth.
Bullshit. The iconic images plastered the walls of the world. 
Flags raised to touch the stars.
We made it beyond there, further than far!

Sputnik 1, Explorer nil
The farce escalates, further still
A giant ball in the sky,
On Earth a rolling ball of the lie, lie, lie...

A President declares,
Put more spaceships in the air
Dollar bills go soaring too
The ideology: The Russians must lose!

Mankind's achievements,
Womankind's bereavements.
Did we ever stop to consider,
That the desperation to deliver...


(18 slain
Eternal pain
Remember the names?
Hang our heads in shame)

Roll it towards the horizon, 
And let it burn up in the sun.
The race to be the dominant ones,
Has only just begun.

written by Shankur Puru

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