Tertius Van Dyk

Oasis - Finger of God

Oasis - Finger of God

  • Image size: 47.2" x 35.4"

He held in his hands, a world of beauty that stretched the boundaries of possible. Man would speak of it, in wonderment, the wonders that Earth put on display and gasp at the surrealism of it. Mother Nature, a magician of sorts, casting spellbinding colours across a sunset sky.

A greediness gripped man and he ripped through the land, laying down deep rooted foundations so that generations could thrive. Those roots ran deep and plagued the ones so delicately woven by Mother Nature. 

But the hand held on tight, but a finger buckled by the pressure of man; who swallowed up the soil and spat out rancid concrete across serene landscapes. Cracks forked their way through like lightning as life left the Earth's surface.

Man spared no thought at the wild that existed between the cities and so bodies decomposed and leaves left the trees to die. Another finger buckled. The hand held on. But another broke. And another. And all that was left was one. One finger. And at the tip of it remained an oasis that wreaked of rot.

Man's attempt to replace and rebuild was a mere weak imitation to the true art that the world beheld. Deserts of death, frozen waters cracked by the toxic air, lifeless lands and bulging bare trees all took its place...

And so, the Finger of God, it collapsed and the hand was no more. What remains? A fabrication of what once was. Smoke and mirrors. An illusion. A false oasis.

written by Shankar Puri

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